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Astrologer Consultation -FAQ's

It depends on your choice. You just need to look at the astrologer's profile to check what are the languages in which they provide astrology consultation. We have astrologers of various language expertiese.

What is the process to talk t o astrologer online at Bhagyamitra?

It's easy. You just need to register at the platform and choose astrologer to talk or vice versa. Once you are logged in, recharge your wallet with the help of integrated secured payment mechanism and you are ready to get consultation. You will be charged @ per minute rate of an astrologeer.

What kind of questions I should ask to astrologers on call ?

Anything related with your life like Health issues, Career issues, Business Issues, Financial problems, Love and relationship issues. Bhagyamitra astrologers always offer their hundred percent effort to provide you best posisble astologer consultation online. Howver you are advised to not discussed afterlife and black magic kind of things to our astrologers.

How can i check my wallet balance ?

You need to login into your profile. You can have a look at your wallet balance here. You can also recharge your wallet with simple mouse clicks.

How accurate the predictions are ?

Bhagyamitra astrologers are expert in their field. They use ancient and divine astrological techniques to analyze and predict about your issues. If you have faith in astrological findigs and suggestions, you should experience our astrologer consultation services online. We also offer genuine gemstones shopping and online pooja booking for the best possible costing.

Gemstones/Online Pooja -FAQ's

It depends on your astrological charts. We recommend to get suggestions from expert astrologers before you purchase gemstones. You can consult astrologer online at Bhagyamitra.

Are these gemstones certified ?

Yes we offer certified gemstones. You should read out the complete description related with a gemstones to be sure of the purchase.

Is there any coupon code available to get some extra discount ?

Yes we usually run some coupon code for your benefits. You should apply the Coupon Code to get the special discount. You should follow the offer page to know about ongoing coupon codes. You can also ask our customer support team about latest coupon code to purchase gemstones or other products at Bhagyamitra.

What about return and replacement ?

We have standard policy for return or exchange of the products. Read the refund/exchange policy page or discuss with our customer support team.

What kind of Pooja bookings available at ?

We usually offer both online and offline pooja booking at You need to read out the specific pooja description to know if that pooja is also available to be booked for offline mode.

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