Home is the dream of many, and  in Hinduism, the dedication of a freshly built home is known as Griha Pravesh. As soon as the house is almost finished, the family starts getting ready for the celebration. The time, date, and ceremonial procedure for the puja are chosen by an expert astrologer or the family guru. Bhagyamitra presents to you Griha Parvesh Pooja. According to Vastu Shastra, this puja must be performed before moving into a new home. In addition, house owners should do a havan to prevent damaging planetary influences, eliminate bad energy, and create a calm environment. This puja is a devotional ceremony of appreciation. According to popular belief, all residential areas are alive with hidden beings, and prayers are the only method to cleanse the space. As a result, Griha Pravesh pooja is extremely important. This puja is best performed during the months of Phalgun, Magha, Vaisakha, and Jyeshtha. Always avoid doing Griha Pravesh pooja in the Chaturmasya, which comprises Shravana, Ashadha, Bhadrapada, and Ashwin. Hindus rely on many omens and follow them in order to avoid bad and negative outcomes. So, when choosing the dates and days for the housewarming puja, they should keep in mind that it should not be performed on Tuesdays and Saturdays, or on Amavasya. Bhagyamitra astrology experts say these are unlucky days, and you should avoid them. There are a few things you need to perform in advance of Griha Pravesh  pooja the next day.

The first step is to set up a Kalash with water, some turmeric, camphor, and kumkum, as well as a tiny picture of the god, in the puja room or on a spotless shelf in the kitchen. Do not forget to keep the Kalash and the picture pointing northeast. The lady of the house often maintains this when she initially enters the home with her right foot ahead. Always keep in mind that scheduling the Griha Pravesh Pooja on an auspicious day would be very advantageous for your family and the atmosphere of your new house. Prior to the ceremony, thoroughly clean your new home. Use saltwater to wash the flooring surface. This will aid in properly cleaning and purifying your home.  Always enter the house with your right foot first. Use mango leaves and fresh flowers to adorn the front entrance. This is so because the door represents the face of Vastu Purush and is also referred to as Simha Dwara. It would be beneficial if the door was additionally decorated with the Swastika, lotus, or go-Padma symbols on both ends. Conduct a Havan to purify the area and the environment. Bhagyamitra offers to conduct Griha Parvesh Pooja with certified Pandits  who have deep knowledge of the ritual and its importance So, for a peaceful and holy entry to your house consult Bhagyamitra