Bhagyamitra presents to you Kaalsarp Pooja in Ujjain. Kaal Sarp Dosh is a frightening form of astrology that has a devastating influence on people who have suffered a series of misfortunes. This is supposed to be the result of numerous terrible karmas committed by persons who are interested in former lives. According to the location of the planet in the horoscope, Kaal Sarp Dosh influences people for 47 years in most circumstances, and, in other situations, for longer or life-long consequences. The influence of Kaal Sarp Dosh is controllable and brief since Rahu is in the 3rd, 6th, or 11th house on the birth chart, and Rahu is in the 5th, 8th, or 12th house. In Ujjain, rituals and poojas are done for the removal of Kal Sarp Dosh. The 'Kal Sarp' dosha is related to the 'Kartari' dosha. Varahamihira refers to it as "Sarpa Yoga,' not "Kaal Sarpadosh," in his Samhita, 'Janak Nabh Samyukta." At the same time, 'Sarvali' has a description of 'Sarpa Yoga.' The words Kaal and Dosha are also absent. There is no explicit mention of Kalsarp Dosh in Vedic astrological literature. However, Bhagyamitra believes Kaal Sarp Dosh has sufficient space in modern astrology. Scholars, however, are divided on this issue. According to modern astrology, Rahu's relationship with the Sun, Moon, and Guru causes Kalasarpa to defect. Rahu is the overlord 'Kaal,' while Ketu is the overlord 'Snake.' If all of the planets in the horoscope are on one side of these two planets, this is known as 'Kaalsarp' Dosh. Rahu and Ketu are constantly retrograde, as are the Sun and Moon.

When there is a snakebite, Saturn, Sun, and Rahu are in the seventh position in Lagna, according to the 10th verse of the fourth chapter of the Manasagri Granth. When Rahu and Ketu are faces to face at birth, and all the planets remain side by side, this is known as serpent yoga. When all of the planets align in the horoscope, this Kaal Sarp Yog is not dangerous. It is dangerous when all of the planets congregate on the left side. On this basis, he has also assigned 12 different varieties of Kaal Sarp. Some have suggested around 250 different varieties. Kaal Sarp dosh Puja can be performed when a person may have issues like uncertainty at their place of employment or in their practice. Peacefulness and steadiness of mind, difficulty with a performance at work, Trust problems scarcity of goods health problems,  issues with your career uneasiness in the mind,family problems With Bhagyamitra the cost of the Kaal Sarp Dosh Pooja in Ujjain is affordable; you can perform the puja with Pandit Ji's guidance. Mahakaleshwar (Ujjain) is the ideal location to do this Kaal Sarp Shanti Puja to overcome your hurdles in life more quickly. The puja must be performed by a Pandit (Brahman) who is informed about and competent in performing Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja according to its proper instructions.You need not worry, has the one-stop solution in performing Kalsarp pooja in Ujjain, and we will arrange every required thing which you need in performing pooja, So Don't delay, scheduled your plan with us and live a life hassle-free.