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Aipan Art Handmade Door Hanging Toran

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Bring positivity to your home with a beautiful masterpiece of art in the form of Aipan Art Toran. Hand Crafted with the traditional form of art of Uttarakhand, this Aipan Art Toran will make additions to your home décor.

  • Handcrafted Aipan Design
  • Material – Cotton
  • Dimension: 36 x 6.5 Inches
  • Washable

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This Aipan Art Handmade Door Hanging Toran is a perfect combination of Art, Religion, and Positivity. The Red/Maroon colored toran is made of cotton fabric and beautifully decorated with religious symbols drawn on it in white color. The symbols of Om, Shree, Swastika, and pictures of Ganesha and Goddess are beautifully crafted on this toran. This artistic toran will definitely be on the list of every art lover. This Aipan Art Handmade Door Hanging Toran will also serve as an amazing choice to gift on the occasion of the New House Celebration. Be it’s the home entrance, room entrance, kitchen entrance, or any wall, the Aipan Art Toran is going to beautify it more than anything else can.

Amazingly crafted to perfection, the hard work and creativity behind this toran belong to the local Artisans of Uttarakhand. Being the traditional art of Uttarakhand, no other than local artisans of Uttarakhand can be called the professionals of Aipan Art. Belonging to that region, to that art, they know every why and how of this form of art. Therefore, just to make the actual Aipan art reach you, Uttarakhand Haat has reached the true professionals i.e. local artisans of Uttarakhand.

To change the vibes of your home and bringing positivity along with décor, order this attractive Toran at Uttarakhand Haat now. Uttarakhand Haat has made it possible to bring the actual art to your home. So, grab it.

Product Details:
Package Contains – 1 Toran
Color – Red/Maroon colored decorated with drawings in white color
Material – Cotton Fabric
Length of Toran – 36 Inches
Care Instructions – Hand wash

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