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Mangalik Dosh Pooja

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Benefits :-

1. Mangalik Dosh Pooja provides stability in both personal and professional life.

2.  It removes obstacles in the way of success.

3.  Induces rational thinking and calmness.

4.  Resolves problems related to marriage and manglik dosh.

5.  Provides relief from other malefic effect of planet Manga

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Mars has a special place in astrology. According to astrology, Mars is called the commander of the planets. They are considered to be the karaka planets of courage, energy, brotherhood, relationships, land, power and valor. When they are placed in the horoscope of a person, then there is Mangal Dosh on him. According to astrology, when Mars is in a strong position in a person's horoscope. So that person gets valor, happiness and wealth.

Because of this, relations with younger siblings are also very good, the relationship is strong. But according to the beliefs, there is a lack of harmony between husband and wife due to the dosha of Mars in the horoscope.

According to the beliefs, the most negative effect of Mangal Dosha is on marriage and married life. Due to Mangal dosha, there is a hindrance in marriage, there is discord in married life. There is a possibility of legal trouble, debt problem and serious injury. In order to reduce their effect and to make Mars auspicious, some remedies have been mentioned in astrology.

Remedies to avoid Mangal Dosha

* If there is Mangal dosha in the horoscope, tie fennel in a red cloth and keep it in your bedroom. By doing this, Mangal Dosh ends.

* A person affected by Mangal Dosha must use red stone while getting his house built. It pacifies Mangal Dosha.

Tie two handfuls of lentils in a red cloth and donate it to a beggar on Tuesday.

* By feeding gram and jaggery to monkeys, Mangal dosha is pacified.

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